Monday, February 13, 2012

Can't Beet That!

Beets: Love 'em.

Pickled, roasted, boiled, raw and grated into a slaw and in a relish. What they often not used for is dessert. Given that this is Honey Bear's first real Valentine's Day, with a party to boot, I'm determined to really live it up and help her celebrate. I refuse to use red food colouring, since no one needs that in their systems, which is where beet puree comes in.

Beet Quinoa Pancakes
Valentine's Day Pancakes

I used the recipe for Beet and Quinoa Pancakes from the Smith Bites blog and it turned out great. You roast the beets to bring out the natural sweetness before pureeing them. While you're already roasting the beets for the pancakes, throw a couple more into the oven so you can make these beauties:

Beet Cupcakes with Beet Icing
Beet Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Buttercream Frosting

The recipe for these beautiful beet cupcakes can be found here at Weelicious. The cupcakes baked up a beautiful shade of red and the cupcakes themselves used only honey for sweetener. A true locavore delight!

Or, give this recipe a whirl from my gal Alyson at Dates & Quinces: Chocolate Beet Cake.

Lots of ways to enjoy a healthy, local treat this Valentine's Day!

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